Before Your Wedding Day

Is it possible to meet with you before we reserve our wedding date?

We would love to meet with you to talk about your wedding. We prefer a face to face meeting so you can experience our personalities first hand. You can also tell us more about what style of photos you’re looking for and what form of equipment we recommend for the job.

We live out of town, can we send a family member or close friend to meet with you on our behalf?

We’re always happy to meet with your family or friends if you’re out of town. If you can’t make it we recommend a video conference like Skype to open up communication lines so that we can get to know you.

What’s involved in the before wedding day planning session?

The wedding day planning session is an opportunity to meet with you and listen to what it is you’d like to accomplish with your wedding photography. We can discuss who will be attending and who you would like us to capture portraits with. In addition we can show you photos with different wedding photography styles and agree on what it is you would like us to really focus on.

How can we learn about your supplemental wedding photography services?

We offer many supplemental services such as engagement sessions, setting up a portable studio for your guests, and custom artistic post processing. For a full list of our supplemental services, please visit our pricing page.



On Your
Wedding Day

How many hours of photography coverage are included in a typical wedding?

A typical wedding photographer offers three to five packages with limits on how many hours they’ll provide shooting coverage, and how many images they will take and hand over. These limits give the Bride and Groom more to worry about on an already hectic day. With Digital Gold Photography you get complete coverage of your wedding day from start to finish with NO limit on time or images taken. We have a passion to provide you with the best wedding photography and we take that mission pretty seriously. We’re usually one of the first people to arrive at your venues and usually are some of the last to leave.

How many wedding photographers are included in your services?

Digital Gold Photography is home to 2 photographers and media developers. We meet weekly to practice cutting edge techniques and critique each others work. There are 2 wedding photographers assigned to each wedding.

Do you hire 2nd shooters and assistants and will they be at our wedding?

Many studios use 1 photographer and 1 assistant but we feel that to maintain the absolute highest quality, only master photographers should be involved with taking pictures and lighting the environment.

In what format will you be shooting our wedding pictures; raw or jpg?

We always shoot weddings in RAW format to allow for the best quality and ability to adjust the exposure levels by 2 F/stops. Shooting in RAW format also allows for the largest sized prints.

Can you also provide us with wedding videography on our wedding day?

Although we are planning on providing wedding videography service in the near future, we currently do not offer the service. We do work together with other videographers that we can recommend for your wedding.

What photography equipment will you be using on our wedding day?

At the risk of sounding like we’re bragging, we have over $80,000 in equipment and lighting. More importantly we know how to use it. To see a full list of our equipment please visit our wedding photography equipment page.



After Your Wedding Day

Do we get to keep digital negatives of our wedding day coverage?

Digital Gold Photography provides you with high resolution jpg files that are equivalent to film negatives from back in the day. These jpg files are burned onto a DVD and delivered.

Will every picture taken on your wedding day be delivered on the DVD?

For the most part yes. We do screen all of the images and remove very few that may contain some embarrassing expressions or gestures. All other photos are delivered on the digital negative DVD.

How long will it take you to post process the photos and prepare them for delivery?

We generally reserve 4 weeks to post process and deliver your wedding photos. Additional time may be necessary for high end printing such as large formats prints and canvas.

What if we want advanced post processing on more than 25 images?

Additional advanced post processing can be purchased for $20 per photo over 25.

What if we want to print our wedding photos?

Digital Gold Photography has access to several top of the line printers including large format high end canvas printing. If you would like to print the files on your own, we can help you prep any of the photos so that they’re ready to go.

What if we lose or break the DVD with all of our wedding photos?

Digital Gold Photography archives each of the weddings on our high end RAID server for a minimum of 5 years. Additional DVDs with the photos can be purchased at any time for $50.

What copyright and licensing rights do we have with our wedding photos?

You have the rights to reproduce as many prints for you and your family as you would like. Because the photos are the intellectual property of Digital Gold Photography, you may not sell or publish the photos without our written consent.



Wedding Photography Style and Quality

What is your wedding photography style?

Our wedding photographers are educated in all styles of wedding photography including photo journalism, traditional posing, HDR, and artistic compositions. It’s important to us that we communicate before the wedding to find out exactly what you’re looking for so we can plan accordingly and bring all of the right equipment. Please see our “Wedding Photography Style” page for more detailed info.

What is a photo journalistic approach to wedding photography?

The photo journalistic approach to wedding photography is when the photographer candidly tells the story of your wedding in a documentary form.

What is a traditional approach to wedding photography?

The traditional approach to wedding photography includes on site semi-posed shots of the Bride and Groom and their family. This technique is traditional because the couple is coached on posing by the photographer.

What is an artistic approach to wedding photography?

The artistic approach to wedding photography includes the use of artistic and creative compositions and techniques. Some examples are photos of the Bride and Groom through the window of their car or a photo of the couple framed by a heart or wedding table centerpiece.

What is HDR photography and can the technique be used for our wedding photos?

HDR or High Dynamic Range wedding photography involves using multiple exposures of the same image, and then bringing all of those exposures into one image. The result is a surreal image with vibrant colors and sharp details.

How can we ensure that our wedding photos are of the highest quality?

Digital Gold Photography uses the most cutting edge cameras, lenses, lighting, computers and software to guarantee that our photos are as crisp and clear as possible. To see a full detailed list of our equipment please visit our wedding photography equipment page.

Our venue is extremely dark will this impact the quality of our photos?

Digital Gold Photography uses the most technologically advanced cameras with ultra high ISO sensors that are designed for low light settings. In addition we are always equipped with multiple lighting solutions to help us out when needed.



Wedding Photography Post Processing

What is the difference between photo touch ups and post processing?

For the most part both of these terms mean the same thing. You generally will hear model/fashion photographers calling it photo touch ups while most other photographers call it post processing. We offer three types of different post processing including basic, advanced, and custom.

What is basic post processing and how many photos will be subject to this treatment?

Basic post processing includes color balance, exposure, contrast, and curves adjustments as well as clarity enhancements. This form of post processing is applied to all photos before they are delivered.

What is advanced post processing and how many photos will be subject to this treatment?

Advanced post processing includes all basic post processing plus any effects or filters you wish to apply. This technique turns your wedding photos into wedding art. Examples include cross processing, vintage wash, and many more. This form of post processing is applicable to your choice of 25 photos.

What is custom post processing and how many photos will be subject to this treatment?

Custom post processing includes both basic and advanced post processing plus the additional advanced Photoshop techniques to manipulate the environment. Examples include skin tone smoothing, removing objects from the picture, and changing the color of the sky. This form of post processing is not included but is usually purchased for photos that the Bride and Groom would like to print.



Wedding Photography Payment

What is required to reserve a wedding date?

We require a deposit of 50% plus our wedding photography service contract signed and returned to reserve a wedding date.

What is your payment schedule like?

Our payment schedule requires a reservation fee/retainer fee of 50% up front and the remaining balance due 10 days prior to the wedding.

Can we pay you the remaining amount after the wedding?

No, I’m sorry. Like all the other wedding photographers out there, we require full payment 10 days prior to the wedding event.

Are there any other additional fees for using a credit card?

Yes, we charge a standard 3% fee for payment via credit card.

If we cancel our wedding will we receive our deposit back?

No, the reservation fee / retainer fee is to hold your date and is non refundable. We refuse all other business on the date you have paid to reserve.

Do you offer any discounts for out of season weddings?

We do not offer discounts for out of season weddings because there is a year round wedding season in sunny South Florida. We sometimes offer discounts for weekday weddings. Please reach out to us directly to inquire.

Are there any travel fees for weddings and engagements outside of the South Florida area?

There are no additional fees for travel to the South Florida area from West Palm Beach to Miami. Weddings outside of the South Florida area are subject to additional travel fees such as a hotel expense.