How to Look Good in Front of the Camera
The biggest secret to looking great in your wedding photos is to have more fun at your wedding than anyone else. If you are the kind of person who feels awkward in front of the camera please read this list of tips taken from some of the top wedding photographers from around the world.

1 – Understand How Photographers Use Light
Make sure you are facing the wedding photographer’s light source (flash or off camera strobe). Sometimes if you get too far in front of or behind the flash some harsh shadows will show off wrinkles and bags under the eyes. Keeping your face pointing towards the light source will minimize the lines in your face.

2 – Be Spontaneous in the Moment
Your wedding photos will keep the memory of a moment forever. Be spontaneous and learn to make the most of any situation. Although we always hope that the wedding goes exactly as planned, there is potential for unpleasant situations. Smile and make a joke, and turn a negative into a positive while creating a photojournalistic opportunity and memory.

3 – Know your Poses and Smiles
Like anything else in life practice makes perfect. I know it may feel completely awkward at first but spend some time in front of a mirror practicing with expressions and poses. Do you prefer your smile straight on or do you feel more comfortable with your head tilted a few degrees to one side or the other. Make sure you also check out full toothed smiles versus clothed mouth smiles. By the time your wedding day arrives you’ll know your favorite smiles and flattering poses and you can confidently strut your stuff.

4 – Talk to the Photographer and Not the Lens
It can be pretty tough to connect with the photographer when a lens is blocking their face from your view 75% of the time. Connect with your photographer by looking them in the eyes when they pull down their camera. Maintain conversation while you have eye contact and transfer his or her eyes directly to the lens. Carry on with the conversation as if you’re still looking into their eyes.

5 – Relive a Peaceful Moment
It’s no secret that weddings are full of emotions that can lead to stress. Unfortunately when you’re stressed out your body usually shows it. If you’re feeling anxious before taking some wedding photos try to envision a peaceful memory such as laying out by the pool in Aruba. These visualizations will allow your body to relax, your mind to calm, and make a huge difference to the photos.