How to Choose a Wedding Photographer
So you think you’ve found the right wedding photographer? We feel it’s our job and duty to educate couples on what to look for in a wedding photographer. Here is a list of important questions you should ask any wedding photography before you commit and sign a contract.

1 – The Bride and Groom should primarily ask the photographer about his/her approach and vision for wedding photography. If the photographer’s description does not match your vision of the perfect wedding photos you might want to continue your search for your most compatible wedding photographer.

2 – Not all photographers include an engagement session with the cost of their wedding photography services. Make sure to ask if it’s included and if not, how much it costs. An engagement photo session is highly recommended to all engaged couples because it gives them an opportunity to work with the photographer and see their style before the wedding day.

3 – The Bride and Groom should also ask about the final tangible deliverables such as digital negatives archived on a DVD, and photo albums. Wedding photography is an investment and to get the best return you should be 100% clear on what you’re getting out of your payment.

4 – Always ask the wedding photographer representative who will be photographing the wedding. It may seem like a silly question but don’t assume that the master photographer or studio owner will be the one taking the photos. Many times companies use 2nd shooters or assistants to help them with the picture taking process.

5 – Although all photographers have preference with regards to how much equipment they use to capture a wedding, the Bride and Groom should ask about what equipment the photographers will be using. Additionally, they should ask about backup equipment and supplemental lighting. Regardless of quality, all equipment is subject to damage and wear and tear. I have heard about nightmares within the industry involving wedding photographers who lack backup equipment.

6 – Make sure to ask the potential wedding photographer if there are any limits to the services you are acquiring. Some photographers have limits on the amount of pictures they take or the amount of coverage time included with your purchase. Be clear on every detail, the more questions you ask, the better prepared you’ll be.

7 – The Bride and Groom should ask the photographer for a sample schedule and timeline for photographing a wedding (i.e. how much time to allocate for portraits). Most experienced wedding photographers know the importance of planning in order to capture the most out of your special day.

8 – Ask the photographer the explicit terms of the payment schedule. Make sure to cover details regarding how much of a deposit is required to reserve your wedding date and when the remaining balance is due.

9 – Some photographers are also specialists in printing. Ask your photographer what experience they have with printing photos (both small and large), canvas, and albums. It’s important to choose a photographer who will continue to assist you even after your wedding with regards to printing your photos.

10 – Your wedding photos are one of the only tangible memories you’ll keep of your special day. Make sure to ask your wedding photographer about his or her policy regarding backup and archiving. If G-d forbid you lose the wedding photos due to a computer failure or natural disaster, a good wedding photographer should be able to provide you with the option of purchasing a new DVD of photos from their backup server.

Please visit our Wedding Photography FAQ to see our responses to all of the previous listed questions.