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Wedding Photography Education

Planning a wedding is a lengthy process that can sometimes be overwhelming. We built the Wedding Photography Resources section as a 1-stop shop to help engaged couples learn everything they need to know about the topic. I suggest you invest an hour of your time to go through all of the information that I tried to convey in a truly unbiased manner. You will learn about wedding photography styles, what types of questions to ask potential wedding photographers, and how to plan a wedding photography schedule that fits into your existing wedding plans.

Full South Florida Wedding Photography Samples

The following are samples of complete wedding photography coverage from recent South Florida weddings. It’s very important to ask your photographer to see a full wedding sample to get an idea of how they will tell the story of your wedding day.

Full Wedding Sample 1
Full Wedding Sample 2
Full Wedding Sample 3
Full Wedding Sample 4
Full Wedding Sample 5
Full Wedding Sample 6

In-House Printing Lab

We specialize in large format photo prints and canvas that we produce in house here in South Florida with our state of the art printers. Having the printers on site enables us to oversee quality control standards and ensure that your wedding photography photos look exactly the way they should.

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